Brangelina Custody Agreement

Summer AgreementPitt and Jolie reached a temporary agreement on June 12, 2018, after the L.A. Supreme Court found that „no relationship with their father“ was „harmful“ to the children. The court also said at the time that Maddox was essentially free to go with both parents because he was 17 years old. The summer plan divided the children`s time between London, where their mother was filming Maleficent 2, and her native Los Angeles, where her father worked on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. A trial date for custody proceedings had been provisionally set for December 4 before a private judge in Los Angeles. „Brad is asking for 50-50 detention and on-site detention,“ a source said of the hearing (scheduled for today, October 5). „Angelina wants to be fair about child care. She is very structured with children. Brad has high hopes of trying to do so, because the importance of co-parenting. In September 2016, when Angelina was granted temporary full care, Brad was only granted supervised visits, making it more difficult for the extended family to see. Outgoing Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have finally agreed custody of their six children, Julie`s lawyer said Friday, after more than two years of often bitter negotiations.

Long-running drama: the romance between Jolie and Pitt, which aired in 2005 in his film Mr . Smith ended in September 2016, when the actress sought divorce and custody of her children asked that Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt agree custody of their children, according to a lawyer in the case. According to a report by The Blast, the provision stipulated that the couple had reached agreement on a „traditional“ approach to their children`s education. Our sources say that the couple has been sharing custody for a few years, but this is only a temporary agreement and a final custody agreement has yet to be concluded. Although Brad has less custody than Angelina, we hear that her current system of co-parents is free of drama. „If they`re all in town [in Los Angeles], the kids visit their father several times a week at his home in Los Feliz,“ our source says. In addition, Angelina and Brad`s unique system reads: „They go back and forth with their bodyguards and drivers and Angelina doesn`t go. It is very well coordinated and without dramaturgic. And Brad was very reasonable, insofar as he allowed Angelina to take the kids when she`s there, as long as he has the scheduled time when they`re in town.

Meanwhile, a trial is scheduled for October in Los Angeles, where a judge will rule on custody and support issues that have not yet been resolved between Jolie and Pitt. For now, Angelina has no hypothetical results of her custody. „She`s not the type to focus on that possibility [to give Brad shared custody], she`s not a half-empty glass person,“ our source continues. „There`s no plan B at the moment, she`s really rolling with the shots.“ Our sources say Pitt fishes for a 50/50 split when things are all said and done, but this also requires agreement on financial details. The bitter struggle for divorce and custody of the children would also have influenced the children`s relationship with Brad`s parents, Jane and William, who live in Missouri. However, a source said at the time that these were „completely iterative disagreements between children and parents“ and that reports of inappropriate physical behaviour were „excessive or false.“ The agreement means they do not have to go to court for custody, but they do not yet have a final divorce regime to obtain. In addition, the couple still shares its millions of assets and has not been able to reach an agreement.

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