Equipment Loan Agreement Gatech

The EST serves as a liaison between the faculty of CoC and GT Legal to ensure the implementation of legal agreements. To execute a licensing agreement or contract, please send the following information to No. Sponsored research contracts are concluded by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and the Office of Industry Engagement (OIE). While there may be legal issues in many of these agreements and the PSO is negotiating, the Legal Office is not regularly involved in the negotiation process. Legal cases only verify these agreements if the PSO requires it on general legal issues or through the Industry Office`s commitment to intellectual property matters, but these audits occur on a small number of research contracts. If you feel that legal issues may be involved in reviewing or negotiating your research contract and have not heard from us, call us to find out if the contract is in our office. This procedure describes the steps to take to use devices off campus remotely or in an employee`s home. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), exclusive information agreements (IAPs) and confidentiality agreements (CAs) are interchangeable conditions. All relate to an agreement to protect and regulate the exchange of confidential information. We usually use the term „NOA.“ For more information, please visit the following website

OLA verifies all licenses for software purchased or licensed for use at Georgia Tech. If a particular software requires a license, you must pass on the verification, negotiation and signature license to OLA. If the contract provides for a fee, we will need a copy of the signed order before we can sign the license. Many software licenses contain one or more of the following provisions that are a problem for Georgia Tech, such as a state entity: 1) the law of a state other than Georgia; 2) compensation; 3) Limitation of appeals; 4) Multi-year duration; 5) penalties for late payments and interest payments; 6) unlimited confidentiality obligations, even when the software is made public; 7) Corporate liability for direct damage caused by the software; 8) arbitration; and 9) all guarantees and/or guarantees to be provided by Georgia Tech. As a general rule, we are able to negotiate these provisions. Once the license is signed, a copy will be made available to you. To borrow devices from a sponsor or other third party for use in a sponsored research project, you should contact your contract agent within the Office of Sponsored Programs. All other equipment credit contracts are settled by the Legal Office and should be forwarded to us for verification and approval of legal conditions. Donation contracts must be sent to the Development Agency for treatment. Equipment loaned to Georgia Tech is only covered by Georgia Techs Insurance if the loan is covered by a written agreement. The equipment that is donated is covered by insurance as soon as the title is transferred to Georgia Tech; However, donation of devices should also be covered by a written agreement.

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