General Depository Agreement

Use to eliminate stocks (HUD-52860). The purpose of the inventory Removal Application (HUD-52860) is to ensure that PHAs meet legal and regulatory requirements when HUD-subsidized public housing and other real estate projects are removed from their inventory through various programs, including sections 18, 22, 33, 32 of the 1937 Act and the main domain settlement agreements and deductions under 2 CFR 200.311. This application and authorisation procedure also guarantees a precise and up-to-date number of buildings and units for the PHA. HUD uses the inventory of buildings and units of buildings and units for various purposes, such as. B financing and real estate inspections. This list changes this form to make it a „global“ form that is better suited and valid for all deletion operations. It is necessary to add to the additive as part of the specific distance program. Annual Contribution Contract (ACC) (HUD-53012). Section 9 of the 1937 Act Start Printed Page 42107 allows the HUD Secretary to provide grants (i.e. annual contribution contracts) to public housing corporations (PHA) to achieve and maintain the lower income of public housing projects. The secretary is required to apply the provisions relating to these payments in an agreement (i.e. ACC). The CCA`s OBJECTIVE is to conclude the grant agreement between the various public housing companies (PHA) and HUD.

CAC defines the basic conditions of the PHA`s public housing program and requires the PHA to manage and operate all of its public residential properties in accordance with the U.S. Housing Act of 1937 and all applicable hud requirements. This collection amends this VAC document by merging forms Hud-53012-A and HUD-53012-B into a single document, adding requirements for the development of public housing with mixed funding and providing minor details and updates based on existing statutes and regulations on the basis of the contractual agreement. General Conservation Agreement (GDA) (HUD-51999). The purpose of the General Custody Agreement (GDA) is to ensure that PHA uses for public housing purposes all program revenues collected by HUD or otherwise related to public housing funds, by requiring that this financial support be deposited into interest accounts with financial institutions whose deposits or accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or the National Union Share Credit Insurance Fund (NIFCUS).

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