Shogun 2 Trade Agreement Broken

Diplomacy is a gameplay mechanic in Empire: Total War. It allows the group of players to interact with other factions so that they act on money, technologies, military access, become allies, etc. The marine art is an important weapon, but your fleets have an even more important mission. You must protect your trading ports at all costs. At the high-tech level, you can put these ports in international shopping malls. These bring immense wealth and give you the opportunity to recruit troops from overseas. If your enemy blocks a port, it will cost you thousands of gold and you lose those recruitment options. These „anchors“ that you see on the map are not trade routes with other clans, but trade routes with areas located outside Japan. These routes are designed to simulate imports from other parts of the world. There is a set number of anchors that respond to the map and each anchor to an important commercial resource. These nodes are based on a first service. Don`t let that happen.

A fleet can travel a long way in a bend, which means it can protect large coastal areas from so-called pirates. It is worth keeping a few fleets as powerful defensive armadas, designed to break raid parties. Send yourself small squadrons to harass enemy resource points and invade trade routes. Maintaining all these ships is going to be expensive, but it`s worth it. The commercial nodes are located on the basis first-Come-First Service. As trade is a very powerful source of income in shogun 2, taking nodes is something every player should do, no matter what. In fact, a simple measure of players` ability to complete their trading port, make their first trading ship and cut their first trading post relative to the fastest possible speed for their clan. Koku is little at the beginning of the game, and ports and commercial ships, while expensive, should be the main priority. If your port is not yet able to produce merchant ships and you complete the turn without an upgrade being ranked in the queue, you make one of the two biggest strategic errors at the beginning of the game. For allies, I advise to wait for active sabotage and prepare for it.

I hope the wako pirates or clans that are at war with their ally take them off the knot.

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