Uae Agreement With Israel

The „Friends of America“ alliance against Iran should work better if the Gulf Arabs can be open and not mysterious about their relations with Israel. It was the first of four nights when Democrats hope to both win moderate forces for President Trump and animate liberals, who may not be enthusiastic about Biden. Perhaps most strikingly, the agreement deals with international law and UN resolutions on „international agreements.“ What about Resolution 2334 on the illegality of Israeli settlements? Or Resolution 478, which asks all countries to transfer their diplomatic representatives outside Jerusalem? What about the UN Charter, which calls on countries to „take effective collective measures to prevent and eliminate threats to peace“? Trump and Netanyahu undermine the whole idea of a rules-based world order. On 3 September, El Al announced that it would carry out weekly indirect cargo flights to the United Arab Emirates through the Belgian city of Liège, the first of which is scheduled for 16 September with agricultural and high-tech equipment. [148] On September 10, Israel was the first airline to announce a direct air route between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The airline said flights between Ben Gurion Airport and Abu Dhabi International Airport will take place in three and a half hours to reach their destination. [149] The first cargo ship from the United Arab Emirates arrived in Israel on 12 October at the port of Haifa, with the MCS Paris arriving at the port every week. [17] Belgian Foreign Minister Philippe Goffin said he welcomed the agreement as a step towards a peaceful Middle East and added that the suspension of annexation plans should be continued with the two-state solution. [110] Josep Borrell, the Union`s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, welcomed the agreement as beneficial to both nations and as important for stability in the Middle East. He also said that the suspension of annexation plans was positive and that the European Union hoped for a two-state solution. [111] Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Marie Eriksen Seride hailed the agreement as a positive development and said Norway welcomed any measures that led to peace in the Middle East. [112] The first is the strengthening of multi-party support for U.S.-UAE relations in Washington to ensure their sustainability for the future.

Among Democrats, Abu Dhabi`s close union with the Trump administration and participation in the war in Yemen have damaged the country`s carefully maintained image. At the same time, hawkish Republicans could raise their eyebrows over the UAE`s close cooperation with China on technology and defense – perhaps the thorniest points in the rivalry between the United States and China – and the UAE talks with Iran over managing the COVID 19 crisis and easing tensions in the Gulf. The standardization agreement with Israel is a double assurance for the United Arab Emirates vis-à-vis Washington: the agreement is called the „Abraham Agreement“ to present normalization as a triumph of interfaith peace and tolerance.

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