Uob Business Internet Banking Service Agreement

ILQ Australia PTY LTD ACN Customer Agreement: 159 166 739 AFSL: 424122 RISK DISCLOSURE STATEMENT ELECTRONIC TRADING TERMS AND CLIENT AGREEMENT Last updated: 30. December 2013 Customer Agreement – Page 1 Risk application for UOB BUSINESS INTERNET BANKING (BIB) – UOB GroupApplication for uob business internet banking (bib) send the completed form to: bib section, united overseas bank limited, arms basah p.o. , singapore 911804 … Document 8 Consult, because the prices and characteristics of extra-mathematical transactions are negotiated individually and there is no central source for the price call, there are inefficiencies with respect to transaction prices. Therefore, we cannot and cannot guarantee that our prices or the prices we insure for you are, at no time, the best price at your disposal. We can benefit from a transaction with you, regardless of the outcome of the transaction you think. 3. „margina“ or debt-financed transactions: the high level of leverage, often achievable in trade, can act against you and for you due to fluctuations in market conditions. Trading in debt-financed transactions can result in heavy losses and profits in response to a small market movement.

We would like to explain to you that in some cases, although the initial amount of the initial contribution is small relative to the value of the transactions, a relatively smaller market movement would have a proportionately greater impact on the funds deposited with the bank as a margin. This too could work for or against you. If the market moves against you, you can not only suffer a total loss of your initial margin deposit and any additional funds deposited with the bank to maintain your position, but you can also assume other responsibilities to the bank or suffer additional or additional losses. You may be asked to „reload“ your short-term margin to obtain substantial amounts in order to obtain your position, otherwise the bank may have to liquidate your position at a loss and you would be liable for the resulting loss. If the amount is still not enough to meet your obligations to the bank, be aware that you would be responsible for the difference. As a result, you should not engage in a transaction that goes beyond your capabilities. 4. Options trading risks: Options trading is linked to high risks. Options transactions are not suitable for many members of the public. These transactions should only be made by people who have read, understood and familiarized with them the nature of the options, the mode of practice, the nature and extent of the rights and obligations and the risks associated with them.

We note that the exercise of an option results in either a cash tally or the purchase or delivery of the underlying contract. A person should not purchase an option unless they are able to bear a total loss of premium and transaction fees for the purchase of the option. Under certain unfavourable market conditions, when the market objects to an option position, the purchased option may run worthless. Under these conditions, the client would suffer a total loss of the investment, which would consist of the option premium and transaction costs. A person who acquires an option must be aware that in order to achieve a value of the option, it is necessary either to balance the option position or to exercise the option.

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